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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Search Engine Submission Tools Review

Search Engine Submission Tools Review - CyberFetch, 1StopSubmit, Etc

Search engine submission tools have emerged in recent years. The newer generation tools, be it a search engine submission service or software are packed with even more powerful features, such as being able to submit to websites and online classified ad sites besides search engines. These search engine submission tools are also able to handle mass submission to huge numbers of search engines making them extremely valuable. Here’s our review of a few search engine submission tools:

CyberFetch – Our 1st Choice for Search Engine Submission Tool

CyberFetch Search Engine Submission Tool


This is a Windows-based search engine submission tool. It runs on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. Most computers can support this as it requires at least 128MB RAM which almost all computers are equipped with. This search engine submission tool can submit unlimited number of website URLs to a large database of search engines, and classified ads sites. This is a fully automatic tool that would submit your website to over 230 search engines, 200 message boards, 425 free classified ad sites and 1.6 million networked sites.

Why We Like This Search Engine Submission Tool

We love the automatic submission feature of this tool. Just fill in your website details once into the form fields and click, and it goes about completing the submission to search engines for you. This is something most search engine submission tool lack. The multiple website submission function is also a great time-saver. Imagine being able to promote multiple websites simultaneously. The cost of this software is very low, and depending on whether you want to submit to USA, Canada, NZ, Australia etc, the price of each database package is $25 but all in all, if you purchase the full combo set, for all countries’ database of sites and search engines to submit to, it would cost you lesser than $50. That’s a steal to be able to submit to so many search engines and websites.

1StopSubmit – Our 2nd Favorite for Search Engine Submission Tool

1StopSubmit Search Engine Submission Tool


1StopSubmit is a search engine submission service that provides free and low cost search engine services. The service boasts of its thorough evaluation of the search engines and directories they submit to ensure that they would bring you the most qualified and highest amount of traffic. As a test drive, they offer free search engine submission to some major search engines. There are other search engine submission packages, both manual and automatic submissions. Automatic submission package for over 100 search engines and 100,000 directories, free classified ad sites and link pages using their proprietary search engine submission tool would cost $9. Manual search engine and web directory submission packages are also available.

Why We Like This Search Engine Submission Tool and Service

They do make an effort to sieve through the search engines and directories they are submitting your website URL to. The level of quality control is excellent. There is an automatic submission package that submits your website to over 100,000 search engines, directories, classified ad sites and link pages for only $19. This package also includes daily scheduled submissions for 365 days. You simply cannot find any other package online that delivers you such a cheap search engine submission package.

Submit It Fast! – No.3 Search Engine Submission Tool and Service

Submit It Fast! Search Engine Submission Tool


Submit It Fast! is a search engine submission service that combines automatic submission with a gigantic submission base. It is able to submit to over 800,000 search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN,, Teoma, Dogpile, etc and many websites within a few hours. Submission is done using in-house search engine submission tool.

Why We Like This Search Engine Submission Tool and Service

They employ state-of-the-art software to ensure your website gets submitted to all the search engines and web directories properly. Interface was easy to navigate and the price is just right at $59.

If you are looking for versatile and robust search engine submission tool, Cyberfetch is the top choice. It’s also the most cost effective and affordable if you wish to submit many website URLs. 1StopSubmit and Submit It Fast are also reputable companies that offer great services with their proprietary search engine submission tools.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Search Engine Submission Tools

Search Engine Submission Tools and Manual Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is used by webmasters to get their websites or web pages listed in search engines. Let’s look at an analogy here. The search engine is like a jumbo online street directory containing billions of addresses. Of course these addresses exist online, and are what we call uniform resource locators, URLs in short. These are web addresses to websites, or web pages to be more accurate. Each domain name represents a web address. Each website is like a piece of virtual real estate.

Imagine you just bought a house and registered your name as the owner of this residential address; people would then be able to find you and your house in the street directory and address book like the yellow pages. Your website is your online “house”, while your domain name is the online address or “piece of land” where your house is located. This concept is simple to understand, right?

Without registering your residential address with your local authorities, no one would know your home exists even though it is physically in existence. The same can be described of a new website that is not indexed in the search engines. So, indexing your website in search engines is important in order for people to find your website.

Google, Yahoo and MSN are the largest search engines worldwide. You may not be aware, but there are millions of smaller search engines around. Some of them are in pretty tight niches, while others are huge online directories of broad topics. As a webmaster, getting your website to as many search engines as possible would help your website and internal web pages get indexed faster and noticed. This would mean more organic traffic to your website. More traffic can mean more sales, more subscribers and more readers.

There are different ways to submit to the search engines, and basically can be free or paid. There are online free search engine submission services like and that offer free submission to several search engines. But there are limitations of course. The submission queue could be extremely long and since it is free, there is nothing much you can do about it. Another setback is its relatively small number of search engines they can submit to, so exposure becomes quite limited and ineffective.

Search engine submission tools have made manual search engine submission a thing of the past. They submit to search engines with lightning speed, and more importantly can submit to thousands and even up to millions of search engines simultaneously. Some of the search engine submission tools even come with built-in features to submit to numerous websites, and free classified ads sites. This drives even more free traffic for your websites.

Learn More In My Next Blog About Search Engine Submission Tools

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Search Engine Submission Tools Blog

Search Engine Submission Tools

Find out why search engine submission is important to all internet marketers, affiliates and webmasters. Did you know that submitting your website to search engines would get you traffic and more traffic means more sales? Discover why you need search engine submission tools to submit your websites for you.

Read more to understand the Search Engine Submission concept and where to get some affordable Search Engine Submission Tools

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